I am Honoring the Friends my Father, Ray John Anderson, lost during the attack on Midway Atoll.  He told me the night before the attack began the lagoon became filled with so many sharks you could almost walk to the beach from the ship on their backs.

When the attack started the shells hitting the island and ships in the lagoon came from all directions.  Many Sailors and Soldiers were blown overboard.  Right into that shark filled lagoon.  They lowered the life boats and started to rescue as many men as they could.  He got quiet for a moment and then continued.  He said he reached down and started to pull one of his friends into the boat.  As he lifted his friend he saw that his friend no longer had anything left of his body from the waist down.

At that point Dad switched topics and spoke about the Island itself.  He didn’t say much more.  He did make a point of telling me that the only building left standing, without any damage, was the Chapel.  I recently found some old photos of Mom and Dads.  One of them was a picture of that chapel.  I hope to soon have those pictures scanned in so they can be shared.  Until then, here is a photo of the original dedication to those who served at Midway during the battle.