A Kiss to God

A Kiss To God

A mother was tucking her daughter in to bed one night and her daughter asked her to tell her a bedtime story. The mother thought a moment and told her daughter this: One night a little girl and her mother, just like you and me, were sitting under a big, old oak tree looking at the stars in the night sky. The little girl looked up into the sky and saw a full moon and millions of twinkling stars.

She asked her mother, "Mommy, where do stars come from and why do they twinkle?" The mother thought a moment and said, "Those are kisses to God from children, like you, from all over the world." The little girl pointed to the sky and said, "But mommy, how did they get up there so high?" The mother then told her daughter, "On a night like this, when there is a full moon, boys and girls from all over the world sit under the many stars in the sky and watch them twinkle just as we are doing." Then, the mother said, "A child blows a kiss."

The daughter asked once again, "Then how do they get way up there?" The mother said, "Go ahead honey, blow a kiss up to God and see what happens." The daughter then blew a kiss up toward the sky, a kiss to God. A bright flash of light left the child's hand and floated gently toward the sky where it settled in among the other stars and started to twinkle brightly. The little girl was amazed at what she had just seen. Then her face became very sad.

Her mother noticed the look on her daughter's face and asked, "What is wrong?" The daughter said, "But mommy, I once heard daddy say that he saw a falling star. Does that mean God did not want that kiss?" The mother said, "Oh no sweetheart, that is God's way of sending his kisses back to us." The little girl smiled and drifted off to sleep.

©Rhonnda Lee Clark, Author