The Littlest Angel

The Littlest Angel

It was a sunny day with big, puffy, white clouds floating lazily across the sky. The children were outside playing. Some were playing basketball while others were playing hopscotch and jumping rope. Birds were chirping in the trees and bees were buzzing from flower to flower, gathering nectar.

Suddenly dark clouds started moving in and it looked like as if it were going to rain any minute. Mothers were calling their children in from outside. They knew it was going to rain soon. Meanwhile, above the clouds, the littlest angel, while sitting on her own puffy cloud, was looking down on the children watching them laugh and play. She also saw the clouds moving in. She became very sad that the children had to go inside to play, because of the rain. She liked watching the children play, but for now she had to find something else to do.

She decided to draw a picture. She got her markers and a piece of paper out, but didn't know what to draw. She thought a moment, and thought some more. She liked all of the colors. She liked red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

The little angel wondered what all of those colors would look like side by side. She took the red marker and made a line with it, then, she drew a line with the orange marker and did the same with the yellow one until all of the colors were side by side.

She held the paper up and smiled at the picture she had made, using all of her favorite colors. Just as she was going to take it to show her mother, the paper slipped through her fingers and floated down, down, down through the clouds.

The little angel went to the edge of her cloud and watched the paper float down. She tried to catch it but could not reach out far enough. Just then something magical happened. The colors started running off of the paper as the rain drops hit it. Just then, the sun started peaking through the clouds. It made what we know today as a rainbow.

©Rhonnda Lee Clark, Author